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St Mary's RC Primary School

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Welcome to St Mary's Nursery



If you are enquiring about a Nursery place, please contact the school office for a form. The quicker you apply, the quicker you get to join in with the fun!


We have had many enquiries from parents regarding the new 30 hours entitlement which has recently been enforced from this September (2017). We thought it would be useful to provide the latest information we have so that parents are aware of the criteria they must meet to be eligible and also how they might apply for a funded 30-hour place. Please click here for more information.



In Nursery we have Mr Jenkins, Mrs Garrett, Mrs McMillian and our class mascot, Buster Bear!


To keep up to date on what is going on in Nursery and around the rest of the school, please go to our official school Facebook page for all the latest pictures and breaking news!



Our topic for our first summer term is ‘Spring is in The Air’. During this term, we will be exploring the seasonal changes happening around us, meeting and caring for own baby chicks, and even doing some gardening! It is sure to be a very exciting term! Here is our MTP



  • Uniform - We do ask all children to wear a school uniform. A white polo shirt with either grey pants or grey skirt should be worn
  • Spare Clothes - All children should have a bag in school with spare clothes, accidents do happen
  • Water Bottle – Children should bring a water bottle into school with their name clearly labelled on it, for when they get thirsty. We do ask parents to make sure that the bottle contains only water
  • Names - Please make sure all children have their names in all items of their uniform. It avoids tears when things go missing and really helps staff
  • Book Bag - If your child has a school book bag, they can bring home a book from our library to share at home
  • Weather Attire - All children need a pair of wellies and a raincoat (with their names on), with the fantastic English weather, we can expect lots of rain


Things to do at Home (Summer 1)

  • Phonics - To orally blend and segment basic CVC words. E.g. can you put on your “h-a-t”?.
  • Reading - Read with your child as much as possible and encourage them to discuss their favourite characters and favourite book(s). Before finishing a story, ask your child to suggest how it might end, to encourage and prompt their imagination.
  • Maths – Bring your child’s attention to numerals within their environment. Can they identify numerals around them? E.g. numbers on doors, on the remote, on the microwave!
  • Topic - Discuss the topic of spring with them, including new life and changes within their environment. We will also be doing some gardening in school too, so showing them the plants in their own garden would be wonderful!



And Finally

Where has the year gone? Another thank you to all our children and parents for such a fantastic year so far. All of the children have settled into St Mary’s wonderfully and are continuing to have the best time with their new friends for life! Your continued support is highly appreciated.


If there are any problems or queries, please do not hesitate to come and see me or one of the team – our door is always open for a chat, perhaps even accompanied with a biscuit! Here at St Mary’s we believe communication between home and school is an essential factor for a wonderful learning experience.


We hope that you have fun listening to the children telling you all about the fun we have in Nursery. 


Many Thanks

Mr Jenkins and Team 


Click here for a copy of our Prospectus.





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