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Welcome to Year 2


We would like to take this opportunity to welcome your child into Year 2, which is another important year on their learning journey through St. Mary’s. We are really looking forward to working with your children in the year ahead and we have many exciting learning experiences planned for them.   Mrs Harrison will be working on a daily basis in Year 2 supporting the children with all aspects of learning, alongside Miss Moore in the mornings and Mrs Killoran in the afternoon.

The children will cover a range of story books as part of their English work and they will be encouraged to write about the key events and characters in stories and to re-tell stories in their own words.  As part of their grammar and punctuation work, the children will learn to build and punctuate sentences and understand what a noun, verb and adjective is and identify them within sentences. We will continue daily phonics sessions and the children will bring home weekly spellings on a Monday, which they will be working on within that week. They will then have a spelling quiz each Friday based on these spellings.

In Maths the focus will be on number recognition, recognising the value of digits within a two digit number and addition and subtraction calculations. We will also be practising counting in 2s and 10s and importantly learning these as times tables facts.  The children will also work on doubling facts and number bonds.

In History we will be focusing on a comparison between Queen Victoria and our current monarch Queen Elizabeth II. In Geography, the children will study the United Kingdom using maps and looking at changes in the weather.


In Science the children will be learning all about habitats and living things. They will learn how different habitats provide the basic needs for different kinds of animals and plants.


In RE the children will be learning about how we are chosen and gifted by God. They will learn about Abraham and Moses and how God chose them and how they loved and trusted in God. The children will look at how Abraham and Moses helped others and how we are also chosen by God to help others.


Within our music lessons we will be singing songs in the woods and will accompany them with percussion instruments, keeping a steady beat. We will be using word processing in computing.


In Art we will be studying the artist Van Gogh and painting some of his pictures. In Design and Technology we will be using our Van Gogh ideas to plan, make and evaluate a calendar.


In P.E. we will be doing gymnastics and dance this term. Dance will develop flexibility and movement.



Our plans for Educational Visits/Educational Enhancement in Year 2

  • Spring 1The Titanic Museum in Liverpool - to bring to life our History topic of The Titanic
  • Summer 2- The Manchester Football Museum – links to both our Local Area topic and our Summer Geography topic, ‘The Countries of the World’, which falls at the same time as the 2018 World Cup.

A few bits to remember for the year ahead:

  • Homework: As you are aware, we no longer send written homework but children continue to  have  homework in the form of the basic skills, of reading,  learning spellings and practising maths facts. 


  • Reading books should be returned on a Monday and will usually be sent home that day. The children will wherever possible choose their own reading books and they will pick two books each Monday from a box that mirrors the level of books that they will read in class as part of guided reading. Please sign/comment that you have heard your child read the books or if they need to keep one of the books for another week.  
  • Spellings will also be sent on a Monday and the children will practise these spelling patterns in class throughout that week. Your support in helping your child to learn the spellings that are sent home is greatly appreciated. In the Year 1 and 2 Curriculum there is such a massive range of spellings that the children need to secure and your support in helping your child can’t be overstated.  Spellings may consist of different spelling patterns/rules alongside key words from the common exception words for Year 1 and 2. In the first few weeks we will send a set of maths facts for the term ahead that we want to help the children learn by heart.  This will primarily consist of doubling patterns, number bonds and timestables.


  • Please could you ensure that your child has a PE kit in school for the week so that they do not miss any opportunities for PE. At times we have to be flexible due to the British weather/hall use. Our routine PE days are Monday and Friday.


  • On a further practical note please put your child’s name on all main items of uniform, especially jumpers and items of PE clothing.


Water bottles

  • We encourage the children to have a water bottle in school, please could you ensure that it has a sports cap and has their name clearly labelled. It is important that children take their bottles home at the end of the school day and return them each morning filled for the day.

We are both really looking forward to getting to know your child and to working in partnership with you as parents. If you ever have any queries or questions at any point in the year ahead please do not hesitate to speak to or contact either of us. Please could we ask for your patience and help during the first few weeks at the beginning and end of the day. Please state which child you are picking up/dropping off until we become familiar with all faces. 

Thank you in advance for your co-operation with all of the above points.

Miss Moore and Mrs Killoran


arly relevant at this time.

www.discoveryeducation.co.uk  login Espresso  

User name: student18703

Password:  stmarys



For our MTP click here

For our LTP click here 



Some useful websites for this half –term:

 www.topmarks.co.uk – A very useful website for Spelling games and also Maths games.

It also has a game within the history section which explores the Great Fire of London.

www.ictgames.co.uk Maths and English games


www.phonicsplay.co.uk  www.sentenceplay.co.uk   

 Both have games that the children may enjoy to reinforce spelling and sentence work


www.discoveryeducation.co.uk  login Espresso  

User name: student18703

Password:  stmarys

 www.ictgames.co.uk – Has very good Maths and Literacy games.

Within Maths – Save the Whale for number pairs to 10, Shark Numbers for understanding what each digit in a two digit  means,  Within Bridging through 10, Catapult Count On.

Within Literacy  –  An electronic version of  Look, Cover, Write, Check to improve spelling.

http://resources.woodlands-junior.kent.sch.uk/maths/  or same address replace maths for Literacy

Has links to many games for developing  Maths and English Skills. 

Topic websites.

www.ducksters.com – a range of geographical topics including information on famous landmarks.





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