Welcome to our Reception Class page, where we love to learn through play!


A warm welcome to St Mary’s to our new families and welcome back to our existing families!


I am really excited to be able to take my Nursery class forward to Reception and see them grow and develop even more.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kind words and the support you gave me last year.

I am also really excited to get to know our new children and families over this coming year.

All the children have settled into Reception so well; I am so proud of them.  Starting at school can be an emotional time for parents and children alike, but don’t worry they’re in good hands!


If there are any problems or queries, please do not hesitate to come and see me or one of the team – our door is always open.  Here at St Mary’s we believe communication between home and school is an essential factor for a wonderful learning experience.


We hope that you have fun listening to the children telling you all about the exciting things we will be doing together in Reception. 



In Reception we have Miss Dempsey, Mrs Howard and Mrs Dewhurst.  Miss Smith will cover my PPA on a Wednesday.


To keep up to date on what is going on in EYFS and around the rest of the school, please go to our school website for all the latest pictures and to see what we get up to!



Our topic for our first half term is ‘All About Me’, where we will be learning all about ourselves and our new friends. We will be exploring what makes us all so very special and what our favourite things to do are. Please see the plan attached for more information.



  • Uniform - We ask all children to wear a school uniform. A white polo shirt with either grey pants or grey skirt/pinafore should be worn
  • PE kits – We will be starting to get changed for PE in the next coming weeks. Please ensure your child has a white t-shirt, black or navy shorts and pumps.
  • Spare Clothes - All children should have a bag in school with spare clothes, accidents do happen
  • Water Bottle – Children should bring a water bottle into school with their name clearly labelled on it, for when they get thirsty. We do ask parents to make sure that the bottle contains only water
  • Names - Please make sure children have their names in all items of their uniform. It avoids tears when things go missing and really helps staff
  • Book Bag – Once all the children are settled and we have assessed them they will start to bring a library book, a reading book, lotto words and other activities home. Book bags will go out on Fridays and will need to be back by the following Wednesday.
  • Wet weather Attire - All children need a pair of wellies and a raincoat (with their names on), with the fantastic English weather, we can expect lots of rain


Things to do at Home

  • Phonics – play I spy, look at phonic songs on youtube and question the children what letters animals begin with. Anything is fab!
  • Reading - Read with your child as much as possible and encourage them to discuss their favourite characters and favourite book(s)
  • Maths - Draw your child’s attention to numbers and shapes within their environment. E.g. door numbers, shapes of household items
  • Topic - Discuss family life with your child, including immediate family members along with their visual traits and what makes them so special. We will be looking at our bodies and some of our vital organs!


I look forward to all the fun and exciting things we will be doing together this year.


Miss Dempsey 


Welcome to our Reception Class page, where we love to learn through play!

Starting Reception is a very important and exciting time for children and parents. Here in Reception we offer the children lots of opportunities to learn and explore through play within our continually changing provision areas (indoors and outdoors). The children will learn through a mixture of adult led and child initiated learning, both of which are as equally important in a child's development.


This first term in Reception is an exciting time as children settle into school and explore their new classroom. We hope that all the children settle in quickly and please do not hesitate to ask if there is something you are unsure of.


This half term is all about children settling into school, learning new routines and making new friends. Our topic this half term will be 'All About Me' where children will talk about their families and friends, their likes and dislikes, paint self-portraits and learn about how special they are.


Reception's Medium Term Plan

Important Information

The teachers in Reception are Miss Bain, Miss Matthews and Miss Smith.

Things to do at Home

Things that you can do at home to help your child are to:

  • Practise name writing. Please make sure your child uses lower case letters except for their initial letter.
  • Share reading books, discussing plots, characters and their feelings, as well as simply decoding the text.
  • Draw your child’s attention to numbers in their environment e.g. telephones, door numbers, car number plates etc. Count things around the home. How many windows do we have etc?
  • Encourage your child to dress themselves for school and take their uniform off at the end of the day to promote independence. 

PE will usually take place on Thursday this year so please ensure your child has their kit in school with their name clearly marked.

Please continue to check the class page for more information throughout the year and to find out what we have been working on in class. We are looking forward to working together so that your child has a very exciting and successful year!


If you are unsure of anything at any time or wish to see us about anything concerning your child please do not hesitate to come and speak to us.