Year 2

During the School Closure, we will provide ideas for work and things to do at home here. As always, please visit our Learning Zone for a variety of suggested activities and electronic resources. 

Closure Letter

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Julia Donaldson Project

Hello Year 2,

We know how much you have enjoyed listening to and reading stories by Julia Donaldson, so we thought that you might enjoy some activities about her and her books.

 Can you choose your favourite Julia Donaldson book?  Draw a picture of your favourite part and then write about it. Can you choose your favourite character from the book and write some adjectives to describe the character? Who are your favourite Julia Donaldson characters? 

What questions would you ask Julia Donaldson? For example,  When did she write her first book?  Who is her favourite author?  When did she know that she wanted to write books?

Then you could write a letter to Julia telling her a bit about yourself, about which of her stories you love best and perhaps ask her some questions about herself.

If you want to send your letter to Julia use the following address:

Julia Donaldson C/O

Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency
71 Hillgate Place,

London, W8 7SS

Or there is an email contact

This website below has lots of information about Julia’s books.


If you can, print the worksheets below to help with your learning.  If you are unable to print the sheets you can still do the tasks using blank paper.  We would love to see any work that you do so please email to the class account. 

Keep working hard Year 2 and keep safe and well.  Miss Moore and Mrs Killoran 


draw your favourite character from the story.doc

draw your favourite part of the story.doc

Julia Donaldson examples of books.doc

draw a new front cover for your favourite Julia Donaldson story.doc

write questions to ask Julia Donaldson.odt

Julia Donaldson Letter frame.doc


There are some really nice creative activities related to different Julia Donaldson books on the website below.  Just scroll down the page to related activities.

Espresso Projects

Dear Year 2 Children and Parents, 

We have two new Espresso projects that fit our Key Stage 1  Science Curriculum that we are sure that you will enjoy doing at home over the next few weeks.. One is about animals and one about plants that we eat. Please click on the page below and it will show you the outline of each topic. If you then  click on load lesson it should take you to the Espresso page. 

 Animals Project

Eating Plants

Below is another page that illustrates how these Espresso pages work. 

Explanation of Espresso page

We hope that you enjoy these new home learning topics and that you keep working hard on any of the other resources, such as Purple Mash, TT Rockstars, Numbots, Spelling Frame, as well as BBC  Bitesize for Year 2. 

Thank you to those parents who have used our class email page to send in photographs of their children's work. It's a lovely way to keep in touch as well. 

The email is

Take care.

Miss Moore and Mrs Killoran. 


Dear Year 2/Parents, 

We hope that you are all keeping safe and well. 

As it is Easter Week, if you get chance, why don't you take a look at the Easter Story on youtube.   Click on the link below, or search The Easter Story Beginners Bible on youtube with your parents. 

You might also want to  write about the Easter story  over this week, breaking it up into the main events of  Palm Sunday, The Last Supper and Jesus' arrest,  Good Friday and then Easter Sunday.  

On the document below we have  also found some craft ideas/cards that you might like to have a go at doing this week.  Perhaps you could send one to your grandparents or an aunt or uncle that you are unable to visit at this time.   

We miss being with you and teaching you very much, but we know that you will be doing your best to keep practising your  TT  Rockstars, using  Spelling frame and by working on Purple Mash each day,  or using Espresso. Also, why don't you just a write a sentence or two about what you have done each day, or what you are looking forward to doing. 

Please take care, enjoy this special time with your lovely families and we wish you a Happy Easter for next week. 

Best wishes to you all. 

Miss Moore and Mrs Killoran  



Dear Parents, 

We would like to take this opportunity as we begin a new decade to wish you and your families a very happy and healthy 2020 and to thank you for your very kind messages, cards and gifts for Christmas.

This term we have many exciting things to look forward to. In Spring 1 in Geography we will be learning about maps, directions and the location of our school.  Later in the term we will have a history driven topic as we learn all about the Titanic and its place in British History.   Linking with this topic, in art and design technology we will be focusing on designing and making Titanic Models and sketching.  We will be going to the Merseyside Maritime Museum in the second part of the spring term when the Titanic Exhibition has re-opened.  A further letter will follow about the trip.

In Science we will be identifying and comparing a variety of everyday materials and finding out how the shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching.

In RE lessons the children will be learning about the Bible especially the Old and New Testament, Books and Gospels in the Bible, religious vocabulary and symbols carried out during the mass.

We will also be learning about thanksgiving and the different parts of the mass, responses during mass, Eucharistic prayer for children and how Jesus is present in the Eucharist.

We will be moving onto Ash Wednesday, Lent and Lenten promises, the liturgy of Lent and Holy Week, the stations of the cross, Palm Sunday, Jesus washing his disciples’ feet, Good Friday and the resurrection of Jesus.

In PE we will have outside coaching in cricket skills which will cover many games skills and we are also delighted that Anna’s Dance will return this term.  In music we will sing a variety of traditional songs from around the world and use untuned percussion instruments as an accompaniment, demonstrating pulse, rhythm and dynamics.

As part of our computing, the children will learn simple programming and as part of our PSHE how to keep safe and healthy in a range of situations, including being safe when using technology and the internet.

In English we will continue to work on spelling words from the common exception words for Year 1 and Year 2 along with the many suffixes and related spelling rules that the children learn in Year 2. We will continue to work on grammar and punctuation, including identifying and confidently using nouns, verbs and adjectives in sentences. We will also look at how to use a wider range of punctuation when writing. The children will read a number of stories about Emperor Penguins and they will also learn facts about these unique creatures and create a fact file about them.  The children will also produce writing about The Titanic in the form of a newspaper report and a diary. As always the children will also be encouraged to write about their own experiences to further develop their skills.   When reading, we will continue to work on fluency, expression and very importantly building comprehension skills, so that the children can answer questions about what they have read.

In Maths we will continue to work on developing skills and confidence in the four operations of number; addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The children will be provided with opportunities to apply these skills and further develop their reasoning and understanding.  We will also look at measures relating to capacity, time and money. We will be continuing to work on the quick recall of the 10, 2, 3 and 5 times tables and quick recall of all number facts. Your continued support with this would be welcomed.  Please note TT Rockstars now has a new feature of games in NUMBOTS which has a number of games with the aim of developing quick recall in other aspects of number.  Spelling Frame through the school website also offers opportunities for the children to practise Year 2 Spelling patterns.

Thank you in advance for your continued support with this homework. 

Miss Moore and Mrs Killoran




Year 2 Medium Term Plan

Year 2  Long Term Plan

Year 2 RE Long Term  Plan

Important Information


  • Our plans for Educational Visits/Educational Enhancement in Year 2

    • Spring – The Titanic Museum in Liverpool - to bring to life our History topic of ‘The Titanic’.
    • Summer 2 – A visit to the National Football Museum to coincide with the European Championships and to link to both our Local Area topic and our Summer Geography topic, ‘The Countries of the World’, which falls at the same time as the Football European Championships.

    A few bits to remember for the year ahead:

    • Homework: Homework is in the form of the basic skills of reading, practising spellings and practising maths facts using Rockstars TT   


    • Reading books should be returned on a Monday and will usually be sent home that day. The children will choose their own reading books and they will pick two books each Monday from a box that mirrors the level of books that they will read in class as part of guided reading. Please sign/comment that you have heard your child read the books over the week. Listening to your child read and asking them questions about their books is a great support to their learning
    • Spellings will also be sent on a Monday and the children will practise these spelling patterns in class throughout that week. Your support in helping your child to learn the spellings that are sent home is greatly appreciated. Within the curriculum for Year 1 and 2 the range of spellings that the children need to secure is vast and your support in helping your child can’t be overstated.  Spellings may consist of different spelling patterns/rules alongside key words from the common exception words for Year 1 and 2
    • Rockstar TT – children will be allocated specific tables to practise. The program works on tablets, computers/laptops and mobiles via the website 
    • Please could you ensure that your child has a PE kit in school for the week so that they do not miss any opportunities for PE. At times we have to be flexible due to the British weather/hall use. Our routine PE days are Monday (outdoor this half-term) and Anna’s Dance on a Wednesday (indoor kit) 


    • On a further practical note please put your child’s name on all main items of uniform, especially jumpers and items of PE clothing


    Water bottles

    • We encourage the children to have a water bottle in school, please could you ensure that it has a sports cap and has their name clearly labelled. It is important that children take their bottles home at the end of the school day and return them each morning filled for the day.