Year 3

During the School Closure, we will provide ideas for work and things to do at home here. As always, please visit our Learning Zone for a variety of suggested activities and electronic resources. 

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Week beginning 18.05.2020 Science Work Week

Hello Year 3! I am missing you lots and hope you are all keeping safe.

As always, I would like you to log in to TT Rockstars and the BBC Bitesize website daily to complete the activities on there. In addition I would like you to focus on some science work this week. Enjoy some family time too-playing in the garden, nature walks, make a den, bake, paint and so on.


Our topic this half term would have been Light and Shadows. I have attached a picture of the objectives we would have covered and I will share the activities we would have done here. You can also go to the BBC website for a range of Science videos based on Light to help with your learning. They are very helpful and quite short!


Light and Shadow activity ideas:

-have a look at all of the different light sources-can you draw them or make a list?

-draw a diagram to show how light reflects so we can see-see image below for help

-look at what the words opaque, transparent and translucent mean-see sentence starters below

-investigate how shadows are formed (by a source blocking the light) and how the change throughout the day-see below for a shadow drawing activity and investigation idea, you could also make shadow puppets!

-create a sun safety poster-what do you need to be safe in the sun? Can you draw yourself ready to go in the sun and label what you have put on to make sure you are safe?

-design and your own sunglasses explaining how they are going to keep you and your eyes safe in the sunshine


Please send over any pictures or videos via the Year 3 email  ( )  as I am loving seeing your fantastic hard work. Keep it up, you are making me very proud :) 


I can't wait to see you all when it is safe to do so. Keep safe and behave for your adults. 

Mrs Cavanagh x


Week beginning 27.4.20 Daily activities


Hello Year 3, I hope you are all well-I am missing you all lots! 

Here are the links to the websites we would like you to be accessing for your daily work activities, you can also go on Purple Mash and Espresso for some as well.


Please keep logging on to TT Rockstars and practising your spellings on the Spelling Frame website.


Also, please email me any work or pictures on our new school email:


I will reply to all the messages and work that you send me, I am really looking forward to seeing what you have been up to!

Sending massive virtual hugs! Keep safe, stay at home and listen to your adults!
Mrs Cavanagh x

Week beginning 20.4.20   Extra Activities

Hello again Year 3, I hope you enjoyed a lovely Easter in the sunshine, talking about the Easter story and reflecting on Jesus's sacrifice for us. I am uploading some ideas of things we would have done in class this week. These are here if you needed some extra work to do as I still want you to be doing the Purple Mash daily activities, TT Rockstars and the work packs that were sent home too.

I am missing you lots and lots and thinking about you all. Keep safe :) 



It is very exciting Year 3 as I received a letter from Hogwarts introducing our new book-Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone! This week we would have done the introduction activity looking at the front cover and answering the three questions-see image below, and we would have read Chapter 1 throughout the week. If you do not have a copy of the book, no worries, just search for it online and there are plenty of websites that have it to read or listen to. We would have also made a wand so if you find a special looking twig on your daily walk you could take it home and decorate it into your very own magic wand! We also would have researched the author J K Rowling and completed the Purple Mash activity seen in the image below. Finally, we would have sorted you into houses! Find a quiz online to find out what Hogwarts house you would be in and let me know by commenting on my recent Facebook post.



This week we would have started time. We would have looked at reminding ourselves of o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to as well as looking at comparing time-how many minutes in an hour, seconds in a minute and so on. We would have made a paper plate clock with a split pin if you have the resources. We would then have moved onto telling the time to 5 minute intervals-5 past, 10 past etc and looking into digital time eventually too. There are plenty of resources on Purple Mash if you search for 'Time' in the search bar. Keep asking your child throughout the day-what time is it?



This weeks focus would have been a celebration of Jesus's resurrection. Make a poster to show what a miracle it is and reflect on how important Jesus is to us all. Spend some time doing a prayer session thanking Jesus for what he has done for us.


Week beginning 6.4.20    Easter activities

I hope you are all well Year 3!

Here are some Easter activities you can do, if you wanted to. There is a mix of Purple Mash and craft ideas. I would like you to focus on the Easter story and the religious meaning around Easter. On Purple Mash there are two activities to have a go at. Type in Easter and you will see a folder come up. If you click it there will be a few projects that come up. The ones I want you to look at are: The Easter Story and Easter Research. I will attach some pictures to show which ones. There is also a symmetry paint an egg activity which is quite fun too.

If you wanted you can do your own activity-sequence some pictures, a newspaper article or diary entry based on the events, a comic strip-you can be as creative as you like!

I am also uploading some ideas for Easter craft as you know I like to do lots of arts and crafts where possible! I have tried to find ones you could do at home with limited resources. Again, feel free to do your own or you could always still make an Easter garden!

As ever, these are extras and additional to the daily activities on Purple Mash, TT Rockstars, work-packs,reading and Spelling Frame activities we have set.

Please remember to take some time to spend quality time with your family safely and do what you can do.

Missing you all and hope you are staying safe.

Mrs Cavanagh :) 


Week beginning 30.3.20   Purple Mash

This week, if you are stuck for something to do, I would like you to have a look at Purple Mash and complete a writing project. Just log on to Purple Mash, search Ancient Greece then choose a project to do! Remember to save it so we can print when back at school. There is so much to choose from, from posters to leaflets on the Olympics, food, theatre, clothing and all about the Gods. I look forward to seeing what you do :) 

Keep safe Year 3, you are all in my thoughts! 

Home Learning.

Hello Year 3, I hope you are all getting on with some super learning at home. I cannot wait to hear about it when I get to see you again. I just thought I would hop on with some ideas of what we have and haven't covered yet to give you an idea if you wanted extra things to do. If you find yourself with some free time-read or make your own  book! :)  Please note these are just extra suggestions, if you need/want them. Please also spend time playing games, building dens, baking and being with your family!

Missing you all and keep safe!!

Mrs Cavanagh :) 


Try to go on Spelling Frame, for 10-15mins a day, and practise the Year 2 and Year 3/4 spelling rules-there's some really fun games on here too and these are what we use to send the weekly spellings home. Also you can have a look at the high frequency words, next 200 high frequency words and the Year 3 and 4 spellings to practise.

Our next Big Write was going to be to write the ending of the Iron Man in your own words. We have read it in class a couple of times now. As always practising handwriting and use of expanded noun phrases would be great too.

Our next story to focus on in class will be Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. We haven't done anything on this yet. Can you maybe make a wand or a potion? Feel free to read or watch it in preparation for when we are back. No worries if you don't have it as we will be reading it all in class.


We had just gone over column addition and subtraction and fractions. These are topics the children will know how to work out. Ones to revise were 2 digit x 1 digit multiplication and division. We did division by sharing and then bus stop method. 

Topics we haven't covered, that I feel you could look at at home, are time and 2D and 3D shapes. It would be amazing if you could help the children to tell the time, from o clock, half past, quarter to and past, moving onto 5 minute intervals and then digital time.

As always, go on to TT Rockstars everyday for extra practise! I would also recommend the Top Marks Daily 10 mental maths challenge on their website:



As part of the RE we were focused on the process of Holy Communion. Talk to your child about it and what to expect on their big day!

We would also have looked at the Easter Story. Watch a cartoon of it on YouTube and do a writing project on it. Can you storyboard it with a sentence underneath or can you write it up as a book for me to read? You could even do it as a newspaper report or as a diary entry of someone who was there. You could even create a piece of art of the cross or make an Easter card for a family member.


Our current topic is Forces and Magnets. We had looked at friction and pushes and pulls. If you have a ramp and a car you could do your own investigation at home! We didn't manage to look at magnets so if you have any at home see what is magnetic around your house. You could even attach it to a stick and make a magnetic fishing game! Also, have a look at the Explorify website for some great Science videos!



We had briefly started our new topic on Ancient Greece. Any research projects on this would be fab! You could do a poster, build a model or Greek pot, make Greek Gods snap cards, a painting of a God or landmark, practise some Olympic sports, fact files-try and be as creative as you can! Anything you do manage to make I would love to see or see a picture of when we are back!



Log onto Purple Mash and search for many amazing activities to complete. You can do a paint project, describe a Spring scene, write a report or make a leaflet-there are hundreds of activities to do. We have just written a postcard from a European landmark using Purple Mash. Just make sure you save them when you are done. There are plenty of coding games on here too which are great!

Welcome to Year 3 Class Page!

Welcome back to a very exciting half term in Year 3! I hope you have all had a lovely break.

I am very excited to be helping the children progress throughout the year and making sure they enjoy their first year in the Juniors! I look forward to working together with the children and yourselves to achieve this. 

Our topics this half term will be Ancient Greece in History, sewing skills in DT in Art and forces and magnets in Science. In Music we will be looking at composing a piece of music using percussion instruments based on the planets. We will also be learning how to speak Spanish and using the computers for coding. 

In Religion our focus this half term is 'Eucharist' and we are looking at the parts of Mass. We will also look at Lent and the build up to the Easter story. We will also have a focus on the Sacramental Programme as this half term children will take part in Reconciliation. We will also have an assembly on this. 

I have also attached a medium-term plan for extra information.



Please do not hesitate to speak with myself or any of the Year 3 team if you have any questions,

Mrs Cavanagh 

Important Information


Class Teacher: Mrs Cavanagh

Teaching Assistants: Miss Kelly, Miss Matthews and Mrs McCormick



Written homework will no longer be sent home; however, we encourage that children read their reading books and practise their spellings, times tables and handwriting throughout the week at home. Reading books and spellings will be sent home on a Monday. The spellings sheet needs to be completed and brought back into class by Friday. They will have a spelling test on the Friday morning. We would also like children to access Times Tables Rockstars at home to practise their times tables. 


Reading Books

We will listen to the children read in school as part of their Guided Reading sessions. Please listen to your child read every night, even if it is just for 10 minutes before bedtime. We also ask that you log and comment on your child’s reading. It is important that children are encouraged to read widely at home, as it will have a positive impact on all aspects of learning. If you have any questions and issues regarding reading books, please do not hesitate to ask a member of Year 3 staff. Reading books will be given out a Monday and need to be returned by the following Monday, but if you finish before then we will change them.


PE Kits

Our PE sessions are on a Wednesday this half term whilst we have Anna's Dance, however please ensure that your child has a full PE kit in school for the week. If your child wears earrings, please ensure they are removed or covered ready for our PE sessions. It would also be practical and useful for all items of clothing to be labelled with your child’s name on.


Water Bottles

It is important that children stay hydrated throughout the school day to help aid concentration. If you wish your child to have a water bottle in school, please could you ensure it has a sports cap and has their name clearly labelled.