Year 6 Class Page

Welcome back!

I hope you have all had a wonderful summer break; I am very happy to see all the children safe and well after their summer! I am really looking forward to this year with them; we have LOTS of exciting things planned!

We are really looking forward to Robinwood on Monday 13th September!


Miss Royle- Teacher

Mrs Hoyle- Teaching Assistant

Mrs Killoran- PPA cover on Monday afternoons.

Important information:


    • Reading books: Reading books will be changed on a Monday and sent home that day along with spellings. Reading book bags will need to be brought in every Monday for books to be changed.

    • Spellings: Our spelling test will be on a Friday please make sure spelling sheets are brought in every Friday.

    • Homework: It is essential that the children are practising their spellings, times tables and reading every night; this is incredibly helpful and important for your child- Thank you! Maths and English homework will also be sent home this year as we prepare for our SATs.

  • PE: Our PE day is Tuesday. Therefore, the children will need to come dressed in their PE kit that day. We will be doing PE outside so the children need to come dressed appropriately for the weather.

  • Anna's dance: We are also incredibly fortunate to have Anna's this half term. This will take place on Wednesday mornings. Therefore, the children will also need to come dressed in their PE kit on this day.


Class email:

Please use our class email to get in touch with me. 

My classroom door is also always open so you can either see me before or after school or email any questions you may have! 

Please see underneath for the welcome letter and medium term plan! :) 


Bring on this year... Year 6 are ready for it! 


Miss Royle 

Welcome back!

We are now in our last half term before the summer holidays! The children have LOTS of exciting things planned to celebrate their last few weeks at St Mary's! 


Miss Royle- Teacher
Mrs Smith- Teaching Assistantt
Mrs Killoran- PPA cover on Tuesday afternoons.  

Please see our medium term plan at the bottom of our class page. 

All letters sent out to our class will be added to the bottom of this page. 

Reading planets:

Please use the centre ID to login in to Reading planets:  193686

Monday 19th July: 

Good morning Year 6!
I hope you all managed to have a lovely weekend in the sun! Only 3 days left of school!!! 

As it is a very warm day today, I thought I would give you a water experiment to do: 
Some fun facts about water: 

  • Water covers about 70% of the surface of the Earth.
  • Water expands when it freezes.
  • We need water to survive.
  • Water expands when it freezes.
  • Water can move upwards!

What you will need:

A large bowl/ container of water 

Objects to test- make sure to pick a variety of objects 

Gently place the objects on the water, some objects will float when you place them on the water gently, but sink when you drop them.

Can you predict which objects will float and which will sink?

Can you design a table to record your results?

Here are some other cool water experiments: 

If you have any of the things to try these experiments then have a go and let us know how they go! :) 

Just for fun:
Have a go at trying to come up with a game idea, trying it out and seeing how well it works! You might need to try a few ideas before you hit the jackpot! 
Will it be a team game? individual players? How will you determine who the winner is? 
Once you've finalised your idea, get your family to play it and see how well it works! 

Drawing challenge:

Here is today's drawing challenge:

Friday 16th July:

Happy Friday Year 6! The weather is going to carry on being lovely this weekend so you can enjoy some time outside! :) 


Well done for all your efforts with yesterday's activities! We loved seeing all your creative den making skills, cool drawings of pizza Steve and videos of you doing the active challenges!

60 second challenges: 

Please see underneath for your 3 new challenges for today! 

Drawing challenge:

 Your drawing challenge today is to draw a dog that looks very similar to my Nuttie who is an Hungarian Vizsla! :) 


Fun challenge:

You have been given a VERY generous amount of £500 to create your PERFECT bedroom! You have an empty room that you need to kit out and you can not go over budget! You will NEED to buy:
-a bed;
-light shade/ light fitting;
-curtains or blinds;
- wardrobes.
Anything else you buy is completely up to you!

It is up to you how you present your bedroom. You could either: write a list of the products and the prices, draw your bedroom and label the different products with the prices, create a word document and copy and paste the images and prices etc. 


You can use websites like Argos, Ikea, Dunelm etc. 

When you submit your bedroom, you need to make sure all products are accounted for, meaning that: you have said where you will buy them from and how much they will cost. You need to make sure you count up your grand total. 
Have fun! :) 

Thursday 15th July:

 Good morning Year 6! 
I am very sorry that we will not be able to be in school together for your last few days at St Mary's! I am SO proud of all of you- you have been an amazing class this year and one that I will never forget! 

Here are a few things to keep your minds and bodies active... please can you post your responses on SEESAW! Thank you! :)  

60 second challenges:
Please see the documents underneath.. I have attached 3 different 60 second challenges for you to try today. All of these can be do at home with whatever things you have in your house/ garden. You can time and film your self using your phone. HAVE FUN- we can't wait to see the videos! 


Drawing challenge: 

Follow this link to find the drawing challenge today! You'll be drawing my fave food...mmm! 


Fun challenge:

Your parents are going to love this one... haha! 

Mrs Killoran was going to get you to build a huge fort/ den on Wednesday as a whole class! So today, please can you build your own fort/ den! This could be using things inside your house or out in the garden! Can your fort/ den actually keep its structure for 15 mins without falling over? What would you use it for? 


Have fun, can't wait to see your pics and videos on SEESAW... miss you all!

Miss Royle 


Thursday 8th July: 

Good morning Year 6! I hope you are all okay today! :) What a way to get out of our reading test? haha!! 

Here are a few activities for you to do be doing today- please can you post any of your responses to Seesaw- thank you! :) 


It's coming home!

Last night England won their match against Denmark 2-1! Meaning that after 55 years, we have made it to a FINAL! The final will be held on Sunday against Italy! COME ON ENGLAND! 


 1. For the final match on Sunday please can you create your own flag/ banner that you can use to support the team! Try and think of an interesting design for your flag or banner e.g. drawings of the team/ individual players, song lyrics or a slogan!
The more creative, the better they will be! I look forward to seeing them! 

Optional activity:

Imagine you are a manager of a brand new football team and you have an unlimited amount of money! Your job is to put together a world class dream team! 

Think about your 11 key players who you would want on the pitch. You need to think about what formation you would play in and think about: Who is your goal keeper? Who are your defenders? etc. 

So who would be part of your dream and WHY? 


Year Three's Reconciliation assembly: 

Please follow this link to watch Year Three's lovely Reconciliation assembly. 

What story do they retell during it? 
What is the message of this story?  
What is the whole message of their assembly? 


Spelling frame: 

Please can you go on Spelling frame today and practise/ play Rule 53 AND 54! 


Please see underneath for your maths! There are two fun maths challenges... make sure you READ the instructions carefully!  :) 


Make sure you get some fresh air in your garden today! We would have been doing PE this afternoon so try and get in your garden and do something active! 


Hopefully see you very soon!! Enjoy your Thursday Guys! 

Miss Royle 

world book day: 

Anna’s dance:

Things we have been up to during Lockdown...

Express yourself:

Zac's drawing competition: 

Keisha's baking competition: 

Science week:

Chaplain collections:

Christmas fun: 

Important Information:


Spellings will be set on a Wednesday and will be expected to be returned to school the following  Monday
Children are also encouraged to be revising grammatical terms and their use in writing as well as revising spelling patterns and rules. This is compulsory and will help your child progress in their learning.Please see information about Spelling Frame.

Times tables:

In addition to this spelling homework, it is important that children are practising their times tables as this really will enhance their learning in all areas of Maths. Please see information about Times Tables Rock Stars to help.


Please listen to your child read at home as much as possible, even if it just 10 minutes before bed. Please encourage your child to read widely at home as it will have a positive impact not only on their reading and comprehension skills but also their writing.


This term PE will mainly take place on a Wednesday as Anna's dance.

Water bottles: 

It is important that children stay hydrated throughout the school day to help aid concentration so please make sure the children have a water bottle they can fill up throughout the day.

Helpful websites: 


The following website will give you information regarding your child’s SATs assessments at the end of the year. It is very useful to look at so you can support your child through preparation for these. Here are some useful websites we are expecting the children to be visiting daily:

 Times Tables Rockstars

Spelling Frame


If you have any questions/queries please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to supporting the children in their final year at St Mary's! 


Miss Royle, Mrs Smith, Mrs Killoran and Mrs Garrett. 

Year 6 Staff