Gifted and Talented

At St.Mary's we have two very talented skiers.  Adam and Benjamin are brothers who take part in skiing and snowboarding competitions.  Adam is so passionate about his sport that he even coaches other children in this field.  We are so proud of all their achievements.

When I was 3 years old I was watching skiing on television and thought I would like to have a go. When I was 5 years old I started having lessons at Snozone Castleford hoping to one day be a ski racer when I grew up. My first races started with Yorkshire Championships in the under 8s and I have continued since.
I like skiing so much as it makes me really happy and I love doing it. I can't really explain why.
I have been given the privilege of becoming one of this year's Snozone Team Riders. It means I can get more skiing lessons to help me improve. I believe everyone at Snozone knows me, they always help me and I hope that one day they will watch me win a medal in the Winter Olympics, but for now I'm enjoying the extra slope time and helping others.
For now, I would like to progress to getting 1st place in the races for my age group.
See you on the slopes!

Adam #TeamRider