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St Mary's RC Primary School Littleborough

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Dinner Menu/Prices

Dinners are currently £2.00 per day (£10 per week) **

Nursery dinners are £1.50 per day.


 ** If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, they are entitled to a free school meal**


We ask for dinner money on a Monday morning in an envelope, with your child's name and class clearly marked.

Alternatively, you can pay by Standing Order.  For more information please see Mrs Knight or Mrs Willis at the school office.


Dinner Menu for Autumn Term


Week 1

Monday - Roast Chicken or Salmon Fishcakes

Tuesday - Lamb and Dumplings or Pizza

Wednesday - Tomato Pasta Bake or Chicken Curry

Thursday - Spaghetti Bolognaise or Wraps

Friday - Fish Fingers or Quiche


Week 2

Monday - Cottage Pie or Pizza

Tuesday - Chicken Curry or Cod

Wednesday - Lasagne or Roast Beef

Thursday - Fish Crunch or Tomato Pasta Bake

Friday - Fish Fingers or Ravioli


Week 3

Monday - Tomato Pasta Bake or  Fish Parcels

Tuesday - Fish Pie or Chicken Burgers

Wednesday - Turkey Dinner or Lamb Kofta

Thursday -   Tomato Pasta or Chicken Curry

Friday - Fish Fingers or Macaroni Cheese


Week 4

Monday - Meatball Biryani or Pizza

Tuesday - Roast Chicken or Tomato Pasta Bake

Wednesday - Hot Dogs or Roasted Vegetables

Thursday - Chicken Curry or Cheese & Onion Roll

Friday - Fish Fingers or Quiche


All dishes come with a dessert, fruit and salad.  If your child does not want any of the main choices they can choose from a jacket potato or a range of sandwiches.