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St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary

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Music Curriculum

Our Music curriculum is planned and resourced through 'Love Music Trust'. 

 - Love Music Trust Music Skills Overview


Music Learning Ladders

 - Understanding

 - Performing

 - Listening

 - Composing


Music Policy

Year 1 - 6 hymn practice. 


Year 4 whole class recorders.

Year 3 making up their own food lyrics to well known tunes.

Year 4 singing in a four part round

Year 6 creating their own ABA compositions following a score.

Year 5 Michael Rosen raps.

Nursery Phase 1 Phonics - Exploring Sounds

This week we have had lots of fun in phonics exploring sounds in our outdoor area, listening to sounds in the environment, matching sound makers and tapping out rhythms using our instruments.

Year 3 Christmas 2020

Key Stage 1 hymn practice with sign language.

Year 5 following a score with rhythms using percussion instruments.

Year 6 made their own musical instruments then made their own musical compositions.

.Year 5 interpretation of the night sky.

Year 5 interpretation of Ocean.

Year 5 interpretation of a Rocket launch.

Year 5 following a 12 bar score with 4 parts.

Year 5 interpretation of Fire.

Year 5 interpretation of a Storm.

Year 5 interpretation of Football.

Year 5 copying rhythms part of our Samba unit.

Year 6 following their own rhythms using a beatbox of 8 beats.

Year 5 interpretation of Battle.

Year 4 interpretation of folk song Scarborough Fair after listening to different versions.

Year 5 copying rhythms from a whistle then making their own rhythms, before copying whistle again..

Year 3 following a score the class made up about planets and playing their rhythm in turn.

Year 3 and 4 singing Christmas carols. 2021.