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St Mary's Roman Catholic Primary

We love God, We love learning, We love each other...

"We say our prayers."    "I am kind like Jesus."    "We have a prayer corner and an altar. We can write our own prayers."     "We sing songs to God."     "We can read the Bible to show that we care about Jesus and God."     "We pray four times a day and we love everyone in the school community."   "We go to church and take part in Mass."  

Prayer and Worship

 Prayer and Worship is part of daily life at St Mary's. Below is a link to our whole school prayer development. During the school day, all children will say morning prayers, lunchtime prayers and evening prayers. 

 Developmental Prayer Programme

This Plan outlines the objectives from the RE curriculum directory and how we achieve this at St Mary's. 


School Prayers

Below is a link to the school prayers taught and prayed at St Mary's. As part of our inclusive provision, we sign many of the prayers, using BSL. 


Morning Prayer

Grace before meals

Grace after meals

Evening Prayer

Our Father

Hail Mary

Glory Be

Different key stage two liturgies throughout the year.