Dinner Menu/Prices


Dinners are currently £2.30 per day (£11.50 per week) This cost is for Nursery dinners as well as for Years 3 - Year 6  **


 ** If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2, they are currently entitled to a free school meal**


Payment is to be made via Pay360, formerly SIMS Pay.  

Menus are rotated every three weeks.

Week 1    Spaghetti Bolognese/Baked Fish        Chicken Curry & Rice/Tomato Pasta Bake 

                Sausages/Veggie Sausages & Onion Gravy     Cottage Pie/Pizza    Fish Fingers/Quorn Chilli

Week 2   Chicken Dinner/Quorn Chicken Dinner     Chicken Burger/Veggie Burger

                Cottage Pie/Tomato Pasta      Salmon Fillet/Pizza    Battered Fish/Quiche 

Week 3    Chilli/Pasta     Meat & Potato Pie/Fish     Chicken Nuggets/Quorn Nuggets                                          Roast Beef Dinner/Jacket Potato         Fish Fingers/Quiche 


If your child does not want any of the main choices they can choose a jacket potato or a sandwich. There is also a salad/fruit bar