PE 2020/21

We look forward to a very active and fun year in PE.

This year we offer a variety of opportunities for our children to experience a broad range of PE.

We are pleased to welcome Anna's Dance back.


Anna's Dance School | Dance School & Dance Parties in Shaw, Oldham, Greater  Manchester

We also welcome a number of other outer agencies to help deliver high quality PE.



Year 4 Sports Day June 2021

Year 5 PE

Tennis (Net/Wall Games)

Over Spring Term 2 and Summer Term 1 we have been learning how to play Tennis.


I'm pleased to announce that Year 6 and Year 5 will be taking part in the Bikeability programme. The children will follow the guidance from the instructors and will be grouped daily to ensure the appropriate precautions are in place to keep our children safe.

Year 6 will begin the programme W/C 19th April then Year 5 will follow the following week.

The children will be given the opportunity to complete their Level 1 and their Level 2 during the day.

Good luck to our upper KS2 classes.


I'm pleased to announce that our Year 4 and a select few from Year 5 will be taking part in the Swimming programme at the Rochdale Swimming Centre starting Wed 22nd April.

We are all excited for the children to be given the opportunity to get back into the pool and they are too! 

Below is the guidance from Link4life for extra information.


At St Mary's we feel it is very important for our children to be active, so after coming back from lockdown we are doing lots of activities to keep us active, including extra curricular.

We are pleased to welcome a variety of external coaches to our school this year. 

Anna's Dance School | Dance School & Dance Parties in Shaw, Oldham, Greater  Manchester  SchoolsWelcome to Super Soccer Stars | Super Soccer Stars 

Year 2 have loved learning from real football and cricket coaches in P.E.

More action from Year 2... we just can't stop moving!!!

22/2/21 = SPRING 2

Here are some PE games to try at home.

Home Primary PE Lessons
(Focuses on Agility, Balance, Coordination and FUN!)

Below is a selection of video link lessons for children to do at home or in school.

Coordination with Ball Skills – Lesson 1 

Footwork Patterns – Lesson 2

Throwing Accuracy – Lesson 3

Rock and Roll Gymnastics – Lesson 4

Balloon Blasting – Lesson 5


Keep active and stay safe


Year 3 PE



This time I've given you 4 challenges to have a go at.

Have a go and send in your achievement! 

Happy exercise!


Speed Bounce




Star Jump


PE Sock







Around the Sock



Around the Sock



Year Two



This next challenge is to identify some sporting talent at St Mary's. I am looking for the best runners in our school so I have set a challenge.

This is the 'Running Challenge'. 

Using both our playgrounds children are to run the designated laps around both playgrounds (EYFS use own playground). Staff are to find out the winners.

EYFS - 4 laps (EYFS playground)

Y1 to Y2 - 4 laps of both or 8 of a playground

Y3 to Y6 - 7 laps of both or 14 of a playground.

I will give an extra bit of time so winners to announced on the last week.

Good luck.



Hope you're ready for this physical challenge. 

It's called 'Climbing the mountain'.

How many climbs can you do in 60 seconds. Count each step.

EYFS - Year 4 = How many climbing steps can you do in 60 seconds?

Year 5 - Year 6 = Include a press up after each climb.

Don't forget to ask an adult to time and count the climbing steps.

See below for the rules.




Time for the next challenge! This one is focusing on hand eye coordination. You have two weeks to do your best and record your scores. Remember to get an adult to time and count the catches.

Make sure you bounce the ball to the waist and catch with two hands before you throw again.

See below for the rules of the challenge. 

Good Luck



Very impressed with all our children taking part in the school fitness challenge.

Now it is time for your next one! This one is focusing on your balance. You have two weeks to give it a try and record your scores.

See below. Check them out for your class.


Good Luck

 2 Y1,2,3 Balance Challenge.docxDownload
 2 Y4, 5, 6 Balance Challenge.docxDownload
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Our First St Mary’s fitness challenge for Y4, Y5 and Y6 is the ‘The Hanging Challenge’

Our First St Mary’s fitness challenge for EYFS, Y1, Y2 and Y3 is ‘The Star jump Challenge’.

I have attached the rules


All of our children are loving the challenge!! Who will be our champions??

Keep competing St Mary's!

 1 Hanging Challenge.docxDownload
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With the help of the Rochdale School Games Partnership we would to challenge our children to a physical challenge. Try it at home, try it at school, have some fun!!

June 2020

Hope you are keeping well and active at these strange times. Thankfully some areas of sport are beginning to come back but there are still many restrictions on what you can do. In school there are particular guidelines that you must keep to in order to stay when exercising. I'm sure some of you might be aware that sport governing bodies are offering various activities that you could do whilst in lockdown.

I have attached some web links below to give some ideas.

This Summer term would be looking at your striking sports as well as athletics. 

Rounders Challenge 


Activities for kids at home 


Keep safe and active

Mr C

Program of study for KS1 and KS2

PE Passport Yearly Timetable (Y1-Y6)