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Science Week so far March 2022


During Science Week the theme has been 'Growth.' KS2 have also been taking part in the Clean Air Challenge to look at where the cleanest/most polluted air is around school and then looking into what we can do to make it better. During lunch time club, children from Year 3 and 4 made seed bombs to help the bee population and hopefully bring new wild flowers and insects to our school field. Children from Years 5 and 6 took on a challenge to create a martian to survive on Mars during their lunch time club. We looked at what they would need to survive and grow and their designs were amazing! There’s breathing tubes, long eyelashes to keep the dust out, oxygen tanks, fur wrapped bodies and even a microorganism that lives underground. Take a look below :) 

March 2022-Year 4 Clean Air Challenge photos:

In Year 5 we have been really busy in our new unit:

Living Things and their environments.

We have been having so much fun learning about different environments, understanding the living cycle and also joint with our DT creating 'Bug Hotels' for our small creatures on our school grounds.

Examples of work from Year 4's home and school learning during Science Week 2021:

SCIENCE WEEK 2021: Year Two were very excited about the "Fireworks in a glass" and the "Rainbow colour mixing" experiment.

SCIENCE WEEK 2021: YEAR TWO home learning science team excelled in the colour mix experiment.

SCIENCE WEEK 2021: Biscuit dunking experiment...YEAR TWO don't mind a soggy biscuit.

Science Week 2021: Year 1 are Scientific Explorers and Designers

Science Week 2021: Year 3 Biscuit Dunking


SCIENCE WEEK 2021: YEAR TWO are slime scientists!!!

Science Week in Reception

Wow what a fantastic science week we have had! We have been busy scientists exploring ice gardens, colour mixing, floating & sinking and taking part in the whole school biscuit dunking challenge!


We are celebrating British Science Week during our first week back after half term and I cannot wait to see what everyone gets upto this week! This years theme is 'Innovating for the future' and the children will be introduced to this on Monday.

Here are some links to the activities the children will be set, and some extra ones you can do at home if you like! There is also a section underneath about practical Science you can do at home as well! As always, any Science that you do at home, please send to your teachers via SeeSaw or class email, or send direct to me at year4@smrc-lit.co.uk  :) 


British Science Week Activity Packs:

EYFS Pack   EYFS BSQ_BSW_PACKS_1120_EY_v14.pdf

KS1/KS2 Pack     BSQ_BSW_PACKS_0221_Primary_v15.pdf

KS1 Crest Home Learning    CREST Star Home Learning (1).pdf

KS2 Crest Home Learning    CREST home learning ks2.pdf


Poster Competition:


Poster competition sheet:  poster competition.pdf


Whole School Biscuit Dunking Experiment:

Biscuit_dunking_experiment (1).pdf




Biscuit_dunking_experiment_Results_Page_Junior_-_KS1 (1).pdf


BAYER Lab Coat Design Competition:

We are also entering the competition to try and win a set of lab coats for St Mary's!





Design an new invention for the future!

FutureInventionsWorksheet-1 (1).pdf

invention sheet.pdf


I hope everyone has a lot of fun this week!

Practical Activities to do at home!

While we are all learning from home, here is a document filled with practical activities, in year group order, to try at home. Enjoy!

Science Activities.pdf

Year 4 have worked really hard on taking and recording different temperatures: 

Year 4 have worked hard on the digestive system and food chains during our lockdown learning: 

Year Two: Why is exercise important for our bodies & What effect does it have?

Year Two Materials remote Learning: Not even lockdown stops us from doing experiments!

Autumn in EYFS

We have been learning all about autumn and the changes that take place during this season. We created an autumn display to present our learning.

EYFS: Our 5 Senses

 What another busy but wonderful week we have had in Nursery! This week we have been learning about our 5 senses. We have explored sound in our outdoor phonics sessions, tasted different foods (mango, lemon & olives), played  I spy... with our magnifying glasses & explored how different materials feel. 

My Marvellous Machine!

We have been very busy in Nursery learning all about our own Marvellous Machine. We named & labelled parts of the body & talked about some of the amazing things that our body can do. We also studied the features of our face & used different materials to make our own portraits.

Year 1: Mini-beast hunting, planting seeds, body labelling, making paper clips, bead and egg experiments

MAD SCIENCE Assembly Slideshow